The Sugar Museum organizes, curates and presents art projects and exhibitions in Southern California. The themes of the exhibits range from artist’s interpretation of the culture of sweets and foods, kids interaction with food, and the history of sweets and sugar sculpture. Artists nationwide have participate in our exhibitions.

Mini Mobile Museum of Sweeteners, 2011 - present
Daisy the Cow, 2010
Sugar Awareness Day, San Diego, 2003 to present
La Cucagna, Monument to Sugar, Balboa Park, 2004 Exhibitions
Jars, Art Produce Gallery, San Diego, CA, 2015
Sweetener Puppets, Mission Valley Library, 2014
Sweets, An international Perspective, Mission Valley Library, 2014
Eat Your Peas, Alchemy Restaurant, South Park, 2010
Foodish, Eclipse Chocolat Cafe, 2008
Wagashi, Japanese Sweets, Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park, 2008
A Sense of Taste, Eclipse Chocolat Café, San Diego, CA 2007
Triumphs, Tributes and Trickery, Sugar Sculpture Past and Present, San Diego International Airport, 2005
Home Sweet Home: Gingerbread Houses by Contemporary Artists, San Diego International Airport, San Diego, CA, 2004
Sugar, 6 Artists, Flor Y Canto Gallery, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 2001


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